G. Bolacchi, G. Sabattini, Artigianato e sviluppo economico, La politica artigiana in Sardegna, Franco Angeli, Milano, 1984

«Many problems of craftsmanship, still unsolved, depend largely on a lack of analysis about the actual role of the craft industry in economic development […].

In development theories and especially development policies, craftsmanship does not participate as an active variable in development; instead, it appears as a more or less relevant parameter, which roughly indicates economic and social backwardness conditions. This perspective negatively affected craftsmanship, determining not only the residual consideration of the craft industry when drawing up intervention plans but also a disrupted and anomalous expansion on several counts, resulting in considerable between-branch heterogeneity in the craft industry.»

«A comprehensive approach to craftsmanship issues should provide for a multiplicity of functions, all accurately isolated and coordinated, according to a consistent programming policy within the craft industry and the craft and all other industries and sectors of the regional economic system.» IT

(Artigianato e sviluppo economico [Craftsmanship and economic development], pp. 367, 426-427)
G. Bolacchi, G. Sabattini


Artigianato e sviluppo economico
[Cratfsmanship and economic development]

Published in
La politica artigiana in Sardegna. Atti della 2^ conferenza regionale dell’artigianato (PP. 365-428)

Franco Angeli, Milano

  1. Premessa
  2. La definizione di impresa artigiana
    [The definition of craft enterprise]
  3. L’apprendistato
    [The apprenticeship]
  4. La proposta di legge-quadro sull’artigianato
    [Proposed framework law for the craft sector]
  5. Tecnologia e impresa artigiana
    [Technology and craft enterprise]
  6. Gli sviluppi dell’impresa artigiana
    [Developments in the craft enterprise]
  7. La situazione attuale dell’artigianato sardo
    [The current state of Sardinian craftsmanship]
  8. Le provvidenze erogate all’artigianato sardo dal 1950 al 1982
    [Public loans and grants for Sardinian handicrafts from 1950 to 1982]
  9. Il problema del credito alle attività artigiane
    [The problem of access to credit in the craft sector]
  10. Conclusioni e proposte
    [Conclusions and proposals]