G. Bolacchi, Sviluppo e piano di rinascita, "Sardegna Economica", n. 12, 1962 (dicembre)

The problems of the relations between regional development plans and the national plan have overriding importance in Italy, justified by the economic dualism and the development problems of southern Italy.

On 5 October 1961, when the Revitalization Plan (Piano di Rinascita) law for Sardinia was still at the Chamber of Deputies, a central question emerged: the need to choose between economic sector planning and overall cross-sectorial planning. On that occasion, a program was opted for based on the economic susceptibility and development potential of the homogeneous socio-economic areas existing within the region.

However, this approach (whose methodological characterization is analyzed in these writings) cannot ignore that regions are inserted in a larger economic area, embracing the whole country and that the backwardness of a region affects the national development rate in the long run. Therefore, regional development plans should be devised and implemented not as autonomous plans (though not detached from the socio-economic context in which the regional economies are inserted) but rather as part of a broader national plan designed according to the interdependence between the various regional plans. These issues are analyzed here in terms of economic policies, particularly the doctrines of balanced and unbalanced growth; some observations about the political perspective are also advanced.

Giulio Bolacchi


I Relazione: Metodologia zonale e metodologia settoriale in un piano regionale di sviluppo. Caratterizzazione economica del concetto di «zona omogenea» e Piano di Rinascita
[Report I: Regional development plan: zone-based method and sector-based method. Economic characterization of the «homogeneous zone» concept and the Revitalization plan]

II Relazione: Piano regionale e piano nazionale in una politica di sviluppo. I problemi dello sviluppo equilibrato e squilibrato e il Piano di Rinascita
[Regional plan and national plan in development policy. Revitalization plan and the problems of balanced and unbalanced growth]

Published in
Sardegna Economica, n. 12 (dicembre)

Camera di Commercio, Industria e Agricoltura di Cagliari


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