6/13«Suppose that the intensity of the interest I1 is much higher than any others. In this event, it will take much longer for interest I1 to decrease to a level lower than some other interests. Therefore, while the alternation of operation sequences occurs straightaway in the previous case, here, where the difference in intensity between I1 and any other interests is very high, there is no alternation of operation sequences but repetition of identical operation sequences. In this event, the subject behaves as if it had virtually only one interest, and its behavior is predictable with certainty.

In the first case, we deal with operation sequences that intersect, as the differences between the intensities of interests are tiny. In the second case, there is no intersection between different operation sequences but a single operation sequence, as the difference in intensities between one interest and any others is very large.» IT

(G. Bolacchi, L’analisi scientifica del comportamento di scelta [The scientific analysis of choice behavior], I, p. 158-159)

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