7/13«Saying that an organism “focuses and filters at once the potential stimuli from the external environment” is to formulate a pseudo-explanation about the fact that some interests of the subject have a higher intensity than others.

This pseudo-explanation results from the fact that starting from an analysis of phenomena showing that a subject may engage in alternating behaviors (and, hence, may have interests with different intensity levels), one wonders why organisms engage in these alternating behaviors. Thus, the problem is no longer to explicate alternating behaviors but to identify the (internal) causes that would determine the onset of such alternating behaviors. In the hypothesis under consideration, alternating behavior would be attributable to an internal process named choice. The rules of the scientific method are violated thereby: a factor that cannot be controlled is introduced in the explanation, based on a pre-scientific concept of causality according to which, given two factors, one factor should determine or give rise to the other factor (causality as a genetic relation).» IT

(G. Bolacchi, L’analisi scientifica del comportamento di scelta [The scientific analysis of choice behavior], II, p. 6)

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